Pet & Animal Policies

Welcome! We strive to help ensure mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents and tenants. It’s imperative that ALL our residents and tenants fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This also includes residents and tenants that do not own a pet or animal. We require EVERYONE to complete a third-party screening and review process. This quick and easy process ensures we have your pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments, pet/animal history and records, and legal attestation of truthfulness and accuracy on file. To start, please select one of the three options below that best describes you:
  • No Pets or Animals

    This is a required application process for anyone that does NOT own a pet or animal. There is no cost ($) to you for completing the application process

  • Household Pets

    This is a required application process for anyone that owns a household pet. This includes dogs and cats and might include pets that live in cages such as birds, hamsters, rabbits, snakes or fish tanks (because of the contained water) so please ask your housing provider for clarification regarding these types of pets

  • Assistance Animals

    This process provides a HIPAA compliant and secure way of submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal (service animals, emotional support animals, companion animals, etc.) that will be reviewed by a third-party legal review team to ensure the accommodation request meets HUD’s Fair Housing Act guidelines. There is no cost ($0) to you to submit an accommodation request. Please make sure you are aware of your State’s laws, if any, for submitting a fraudulent accommodation request

* NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS & APPLICANTS: Everyone must complete the screening process. This is not only for pet and animal owners but also for residents and applicants that DO NOT own a pet or animal.
Pet & Animal Policy

1. It is mutually agreed between the parties that the resident may keep the pet described in Animal registration.The following list is a combination of many various lists our insurance carriers have banned, will not cover or have indicated as a potentially dangerous breed: Pit Bull, Bull dog, Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Any mixed breed dog including a breed listed above. Farm animal or Any animal that smells, bits, poisons, hurts, jumps on/sniffs people, excessively barking is prohibited. All animals must be FIXED and vaccinated. Other than any animal approved by the property manager prior to move in, this isn’t an opportunity to get a new one. 

2. All resident agrees to purchase special liability insurance with a minimal amount of $300,000 liability coverage, that would cover injuries or damage that may be caused by the pet. Resident also agrees to list the owner as an "additional insured" on the policy.

3. The resident agrees that this agreement is only for the specific pets described above and agrees to not harbor, substitute or "pet sit, "visiting animal" any other pet and remove any of the pet's offspring within 30 days of birth. Any animal found on the premises other than the pet specified above will be considered a stray and removed at the resident's expense.

4. The resident agrees to have an identification tag on animals whenever it is outside the premises.

5. The animal shall be on a leash (maximum length of 20feet) and under resident's control, and not left unattended, whenever it is outside the resident's unit.

6. The resident agrees to immediately clean up after their animal, both inside and outside the premises and to dispose of any pet waste promptly and properly.

7. The resident agrees not to leave food or water for their animal outside their premises, where it may attract other animals.

8. The resident agrees to abide by all local, city or state ordinances, licensing and health requirements regarding animalss, including vaccinations and other concerns.

9. Animal shall not cause any sort of nuisance or disturbance to neighbors. Noise, day or night, must not disturb others. The resident agrees to do whatever is necessary to keep their pet from making noise that would cause an annoyance to others and take steps to immediately remedy complaints by neighbors or other residents made to the Owner or management.

10. The resident agrees to immediately pay for any damage, loss or expense caused by their animal. Any payment not made for such damage or expense will be considered as additional rent due.

11. Resident agrees that animal control will be called to take the pet away if animal is left alone at home for 24 hours.

12. Failure to comply with the terms of this addendum shall give the owner the right to revoke permission to keep the animal, and is also grounds for immediate termination of the rental agreement and the resident shall be liable for any damages caused by the animal and the deposit shall be applied to said damages.

13. Resident agrees all animal are on monthly flea preventative and send landlord proof 

14. Residents agree Landlord may charge minimum $250 for removal animal ordor. 

15. Should an animal commit an act of aggression against another tenant or neighbor or any person lawfully on or about the premises, Tenant must immediately remove the Animal from the premises and not allow its return. Aggression is defined as growling, jumping, attacking, biting or otherwise menacing behavior, or any behavior that any reasonable person would deem menacing. Lease Agreement will be deemed revoked and will not be subject to the 30 day notice rule.  

In addition: 

1) Name, Address and Phone numbers of the dogs veterinarian with a letter they can release the dogs medical information. We need proof the dog has had it's vaccinations and a fixed or spayed.

 2)  No puppies that are not house broken and have someone who will be at home to walk the dog and keep it from barking.

 3) The tenant must have renters insurance now naming owner/manager as additional interest that their insurance will cover landlord from any issues arising from the dog.

 4) The dog can not poop on the lawn or property without the owner picking up after it. The dog can not pee on the property that will smell or cause an unsafe are for children to play. 

5) The tenant must have emergency funds, can not live from paycheck to paycheck. It cost money to dog property damange and obedience training. 

6) Annual animal screening and information update needed for all residents online https://abc,

Please go to Rental Application online and complete if you have not already. Thank you.